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With over 20 years of professional and voluntary coaching experience spanning Junior, University, Team Great Britain, and NFL Academy teams, Russ Hewitt is a seasoned leader in American football. Credited with founding, developing, and leading teams, he boasts championship wins at all 5 UK adult levels.

Now based in Australia, Russ is on a mission to mentor the next generation of football athletes, coaches, and directors, guiding them toward unparalleled excellence. His wealth of experience ranges from coaching to calling stats at the NFL and serving as BAFCA President, BUAFL League Commissioner and BAFA Director of Competitions.

Russ brings a unique and modern perspective and a commitment to sharing his extensive knowledge with the emerging talents of American football worldwide. He is deeply embedded in the world of American football with a focus on holistic development and long-term engagement.


Unlock your potential with coaching services tailored for teams and individuals at any level. Identify and focus on strategies that bring out the unique strengths of each athlete, creating an environment where players thrive.


Elevate your skills and knowledge through engaging workshops, including seminars and OTAs. With options for directors, coaches and athletes, these sessions provide focused learning experiences on or off the field.


Experience a mentorship that goes beyond knowledge transfer. Whether in person or online, these sessions are a shared journey of learning and growth, and a commitment to personal development for players, coaches and directors.


Strengthen your strategic direction, ensuring a culture of excellence that leads to victories on and off the field. Propel your club, state or national governing body to new heights of inclusion, respect, quality and professionalism.

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Internationally qualified, award-winning coach. Five-time British national champion. Over two decades of mastery. Experience coaching youth, women and men. Global insight. Proven strategic leader.

I have had the privilege of knowing Russ for over 25 years, and his unwavering commitment to football during this time has been nothing short of remarkable.

Our paths initially crossed when Russ, a standout defensive back who had represented Ireland nationally, played a pivotal role in allowing our team, which had faced challenges, to join forces with his. Under the guidance of our American coach, Jim Roberson, Russ excelled as a player and demonstrated natural leadership qualities that would define his trajectory in football.

Over the years, Russ seamlessly transitioned into coaching and later assumed roles in administration, making significant contributions to British American football. His dedication extended to serving on their board of directors for an extensive period, where he played a crucial role in turning the fortunes of the sport.

Russ is one of the most genuine and caring individuals I’ve ever met. His willingness to go above and beyond is a testament to his character. His coaching acumen is unparalleled, backed by a network of contacts within the NFL and NCAA college system that runs deep.

Since joining the Gridiron West board, Russ has brought a balanced perspective to our discussions, and his wealth of experience is evident in our decisions. The coaching clinic he hosted for GW showcased the depth of his knowledge, reinforcing the impact he continues to have on our organisation. Gridiron West and Gridiron Australia are fortunate to have someone of Russ’s calibre on board.

Chris Parkhouse

Secretary, Gridiron West

Russ’s impact on my journey in football has been transformative. From Xs and Os to playbook management and installs, his mentorship has been the guiding force propelling me from an assistant positional coach to defensive coordinator. Under his guidance, I’ve sharpened my tactical skills and gained a profound insight into the game’s intricacies.

What sets Russ apart is not just his expertise but his genuine care for the individuals he works with and his unwavering commitment to the future of the sport. His holistic approach goes beyond the sidelines, shaping not just athletes but the very essence of the game. I wholeheartedly recommend Russ to anyone seeking a mentor who elevates skills and cultivates a deep passion for the sport and its community. Don’t miss the chance to learn from someone whose dedication is as unparalleled as his knowledge.

Laura 'Ninja' Smith

Coach, Swan City Titans and Murdoch Uni Vikings